DC Rock & Roll power trio, the fed, was born out of the infamous Tuesday open mic nights at the now defunct Adams Morgan institution, Staccato Music Hall and Lounge. As the group reared their sound in a Columbia Heights basement, news spread quickly of their boozy, high-energy live shows.

Described as “like a punk band covering the Troggs and Brownsville Station,” today, the fed is a quartet that continues that boozy, high-energy tradition. The critics agree:

“This is the best mixture of blues and punk rock I have ever witnessed…they seemed to be bursting out of their skin, and the stage simply wasn’t big enough for them.”
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“…their mix of blues and punk pulled at my heartstrings”
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“…some pretty decent down and dirty rock’n’roll”
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the fed is

Cory Chimka
: Vox, Guitar

Harry Baumeister
: Bass, Vox

Ben Burdick
: Lead Guitar, Vox

Keith Fischer: Drums, Vox

*Kevin Brown: Drums, Vox – Currently out of the country working to make the world a more peaceful place.

In the DC area the fed has played at George Washington University, Wonderland Ballroom, dc9, Staccato, Bistro Europa, Fatty J’s Tap Room, Asylum, The Red and The Black, Ellington’s on Eighth, Mount Vernon Pub, Modern Times Cafe at Politics & Prose, Galaxy Hut, Revolution Records, Chief Ike’s Mambo Room, Old Town Theater, Fat Tuesday’s, Adams Morgan Day, Mt. Pleasant Music in the Park, Level X, and Solly’s U St Tavern. Shows on the road include: Quiet Storm – Pittsburgh, PA Birmingham Bridge Tavern – Pittsburgh, PA Boiler Room – Owensboro, Kentucky Regents – Lome, Togo, West Africa.

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